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Friday, November 12, 2010

Tea: A British Custom

Tea is a hot brown drink made by pouring boiling water onto (= on top of) leaves of a special kind. It is thought of as a typically British drink:
a cup of tea
Do you take milk and sugar in your tea?
Tea is especially popular in the UK, where people drink it regularly. As soon as friends arrive at a person’s home, they usually put the kettle on (= start boiling water for tea) and ask them if they want a cup of tea, sometimes informally called a cuppa, or a brew.
Tea is usually served with milk and sometimes sugar. If you feel worried or have just experienced something bad or shocking, a British person will typically tell you to sit down while they make you “a nice cup of tea”, because it is believed that tea makes you feel calm, comfortable, and cared for.

English-Spanish Glossary

herbal tea: té de hierbas; infusión; tisana
iced tea: té helado
lemon tea: té de limón
milk tea: té con leche
mint tea: té de menta
rich tea / tea biscuit: galletita para el té
tea-bag: saquito de té 
teacup: taza de té 
tea-party:  merienda
teapot: tetera
tearoom: salón de té; confitería 
tea set: juego de té 
teaspoon: cucharita de té 
teaspoonful: cucharada  
tea-time: hora del té 
tea-towel: repasador

Did you know?

Tea drinking and tea parties became more popular when Queen Anne (1665–1714) chose tea as her regular breakfast drink.

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